• scott glen
    November 15, 2016 at 6:06 am #3067

    Hi guys – age old topic I know, but in Spark, what is the preferred way to create the 2 column data entry style shown in the attached file.  Essentially we want labels to the left, but right aligned, tight to the data entry controls.  When the screen expands, the data entry controls will receive the new real estate whilst the label column should remain static (not grow or move).  So the top picture in the file shows what the UI looks like when it first appears, the bottom picture shows the expanded version.  Hope that’s clear!  Cheers for any guidance.

    SPARK Support
    November 16, 2016 at 10:54 am #3086


    I hope I haven’t over simplified this,  but I think this is what you would want to do:

    1. create a data structure that contains your name value pairs
    2. Put a Vertical section on the page and bind it to the list of name value pairs
    3. Put a horizontal section inside the Vertical section
    4. Put a Right Aligned output text (in my case I chose 140 px widtg) in the horizontal section, be sure to Hide label
    5. Put a text box into the horizontal section, be sure to Hide the label. (note NO width)

    When I run I see the image below named Columns Image 1.

    After resizing I see Columns Image 2

    This can be tarted up a bit more, but I hope you get the idea


    Does this help?


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