• Maheshwar Reddy Singireddy
    June 9, 2017 at 1:31 am #4374

    Issue 1:

    If I am not using Tabindex for Data Picker, on tabbing cursor is moving to the address bar.

    To overcome above issue, I used tabindex  but issue 2 is occuring.

    Issue 2:

    When using the ‘tab’ method I shouldn’t have to tab twice to get out of the field.

    Date format : MM/DD/YYYY

    If I enter YY instead of YYYY and then tab out of the field, Date Picker is assuming the 1900s ie 1/1/10 – 01/01/1910

    But if I start with the same entry and ‘click’ out of the field I get an error message.

    Can some help or provide solution to work consistently.


    June 16, 2017 at 8:02 am #4392

    Hi Salient support.  The DatePicker control has a behaviors which users may question. I verified the following using toolkit version CE, with a simple DatePicker, Button HHS coach.

    – For Mahesh’s issue #1 – when I click a default date picker input control, the calendar appears, 1st tab entry hides the calendar again, next tab moves cursor to the button control , 3rd tab hilites my browser address bar url, next tab focuses on date picker box with calendar visible, then its hidden again.  The 2nd tab in DP serves to show|hide the calendar. Tabbing for the DP control isnt explained directly in the JSDoc article, but setting tab index (1) does keep the DP input box and calendar grouped together when tabbing. Tabbing behavior cycling through to browser address bar is normal to me.  A little explanation for DP tabbing may clear this up enuf.

    –  Issue #2 date formatting seems to be incorrect, or unexpected at least.   MM/DD/YYYY is the default input box format rendered when a date in the calendar is clicked.  If I shorten the input date text to:  “01/01/17” enter key re-formats to “01/01/2017”, but tabbing out with the shortened date : “The date [01/01/17] has invalid format. Please use mm/dd/yyyy”.  But this behavior isnt consistent, sometimes both may reformat the date year YYYY ok, or enter fails with the message, and tab reformats it ok.  Something with caching Id guess… btw, setting the DP Format config explicitly: “mm/dd/yyyy” doesnt chg the behavior for me.

    Thanks, Lee Cook



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