• Tolga Babacan
    August 22, 2019 at 12:56 am #5520

    Hello at everyone,

    I have following problem: The Date Time Picker of the SPARK UI Controls has a functionality setEnd() which set the available start date programmatically. By manipulating the Date Picker Input with the Keyboard and set up a Date which is out of the range of the setEnd Date, a validation message is shown via Tooltip. The validation Message is shown like this: “The Date … is an invalid format. Use the format […] instead.”

    But instead of this default validation message we need to be able to change the message to another text. The setValid functionality is the functionality where we can check for the end date and show a specific validation message, but it not work if the setEnd() is used. The setEnd() functionality always overwrites the validation messages (tooltip) with its own default message.

    How can we use the setEnd() functionality and add a own message for it?

    I also put some screenshots to the attachments maybe for better understanding.

    Thank you very much guys is advance.

    SPARK Support
    August 22, 2019 at 5:53 am #5525

    Hi Tolga,

    The feature to set a custom message for out of date range is not currently available for Date Time Picker.  As you may know, IBM now owns the SPARK UI tooklit as the stock BAW UI.  You are able to submit an Enhancement request here.

    If your customer has an urgent requirement for this functionality, please feel free to contact our Sales Team regarding an Engagement in developing a custom extension to the control.


    Stephen P.

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