• Jan Dusek
    May 25, 2017 at 5:20 am #4341

    I noticed several errors in spark documentation.

    As a developer I depend on the correctness of the documentation. Errors in documentation introduce errors in my implementation. I am posting them here so that you can fix them.

    This http://support.salientprocess.com/forums/topic/jsdoc-documentation-source/ issue is connected with this topic as well.


    There is no such thing as integer data type in javascript. The correct type would be number.


    According to description should return coach view but signature states that it returns integer (which should be number)

    Parameters with dot (.) at the end of their names which prevent such parameter from being displayed in method signature. Such parameters occur in following methods.

    bpmext.ui.alert(), bpmext.ui.executeEventHandlingFunction(), bpmext.ui.getViewValidationErrors(), bpmext.ui.popValidationContainer(), bpmext.ui.pushValidationContainer(),bpmext.ui.registerEventHandlingFunction(), bpmext.ui.removeViewValidationError(), bpmext.ui.setupFormulaTriggeredUpdates(), bpmext.ui.updateViewValidationState()

    In bpmext.ui namespace only the first method is annotated as @static, all of them should have this annotation

    In bpmext.log, bpmext.number and bpmext.text methods are double namespaced e.g. bpmext.text.bpmext.text[“collapse”] and I expect methods being documented as e.g. bpmext.text.collapse() and not by their string key in namespace

    • On many places the type of parameter or return type is CoachView but should be com.ibm.bpm.coach.CoachView like in Stack.getViewInPane()

    SPARK Support
    May 26, 2017 at 8:36 am #4347

    Hi Jan,

    I see what you are talking about with the return of “Coach View” instead of the object the extra period in the return types.  We should be able to correct these pretty easily in the next release.

    Let me have a conversation about Number versus Integer with our Development Team.  The issue here is that while JavaScript uses a weakly typed Number, Business Objects are defined in Java with more strict Integer or Decimal type for example.  At some point, if the data being operated on in client side is stored into a server side variable, it will need to be massaged or formatted into an Integer or Decimal Type.

    The description for the getCurrentPane() method of Tab Section states “Retrieve the index corresponding to the currently showing pane”, which is correct.  It’s possible that this may have been updated recently.  However, we did have an open bug for getViewInPane() which should state it returns a CV.  This has been correctly internally and will be published with the next release.

    I will discuss the @static annotation and the double namespace issue with our Development Team.


    Stephen P.

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