• Todor
    January 7, 2016 at 4:14 am #1145



    Trying to emulate this dynamic tab behaviour…

    I’ve come up with design where I had the maximum number of tabs (3) and then the user selects how many tibes to “open”. I was thinking along the lines where we can show/hide tabs. I was hoping there will be two approaches:

    • use the visibility setting on the coach view added into the tab – this seems not to be working. Visiblity rules (CV -> visibility -> Source – Rule -> Add Rule for variable -> etc…). Same control works fine outside tab, but inside tab is always visible.
    • the second approach I was hoping Spark would support was to have a JS function where tabs can be hidden/shown. Unfortunatelly such function is not available.

    I was hoping one of these would work because it has better UI than the dynamic tab solution I’m trying to set up in parallel.

    Please advise if any of these two can work, or need to go with the dyncamic tab solution – which basically represents buttons in a horizontal section and alot of JS to control their behaviour.


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