• Ramesh Bangaram
    June 6, 2016 at 11:27 pm #2071

    Hi All,

    i am getting json object from BPM Service.

    is there any way to display the json data directly to spark table.

    please help me out.





    SPARK Support
    June 7, 2016 at 10:35 am #2078


    One way to do this is to use the table’s appendElement method. For example:

    #{Table1}.appendElement({“str1”: someValue, “str2”: someOtherValue});

    Here is the full documentation for appendElement(s)

    Ramesh Bangaram
    June 8, 2016 at 6:43 am #2083

    ${Table1}.appendElement(..) working fine for single record.

    Since we need to pass multiple records to table, we tried below API:


    but we are getting appendElements is not a function.


    Kindly provide more information on this API.

    SPARK Support
    June 8, 2016 at 10:08 pm #2090


    All the information about the API is available via the JSDoc as linked above. It is likely that it is not available in the version of SPARK that you are using, which would explain the response you are getting.



    Ramesh Bangaram
    June 9, 2016 at 9:50 pm #2099

    Hi Rackley,

    I am using below versions:

    Spark UI:

    IBM BPM : 8.5.6

    which versions support  below API ?


    Kindly provide more information on how to pass json object/data to spark table ?  if it is possible tell me step by step it’s more helpful.



    Ramesh .

    SPARK Support
    June 13, 2016 at 9:15 am #2117

    Hey Ramesh,

    Could you provide me with the code you are trying to use to append the JSON object to the table?



    Ramesh Bangaram
    June 14, 2016 at 6:57 am #2122

    Hi Elliot,

    My JSON Object like below:

    var json=(‘[[{“name”:”M.S”,”value”:[“Dhoni,sakshi,ranchi”]}],[{“name”:”Sachin”,”value”:[“Tendulkar,ramesh,sachin,mumbai”]}]]’);

    i need to append this data to table

    please help me out.

    Thanks Advance,



    June 14, 2016 at 9:24 am #2127

    Hey Ramesh,

    You should try formatting your JSON object like this:

    var json = [{“name”:”M.S”,”value”:[“Dhoni”,”sakshi”,”ranchi”]}, {“name”:”Sachin”,”value”:[“Tendulkar”,”ramesh”,”sachin”,”mumbai”]}]


    -Erick Quintanilla

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