• Radek Sulc
    June 28, 2016 at 4:23 am #2242

    Dears, it seems that Table does not inherit visibility properly from parent component. I tried to put a Table in Modal Section and Tab Section which have default visibility NONE. The nested Table has “Same as parent”. When I perform e.g. ${MyModalSection}.setVisible(true), the Modal Section appears but with the nested Table hidden. I need to make the table visible explicitly. Haven’t tried with other components.

    The visibility handling seems to be incomplete – what if effective visibility is “NONE”?
    <div class=”KRQuhe”> _handleVisibility : function (view)</div>
    <div id=”:d1.co” class=”JL”>
    <div id=”:d6.ma” class=”Mu SP” data-tooltip=”6/28/16, 1:21 PM”><span id=”:d6.co” class=”tL8wMe EMoHub” dir=”ltr”>            {
    var visibility = bpmext.ui.getEffectiveVisibility(view);

    if (visibility != “NONE”)
    if (visibility == “READONLY”)
    domClass.remove(view._instance.disabler, “hidden”);
    domClass.add(view._instance.disabler, “hidden”);
    Working with SPARK on BPM V8.5.6.

    Could you check it, please?

    Thanks, Radek

    June 28, 2016 at 2:32 pm #2245

    Hey Radek,

    We’re looking into how the visibility is handled with the Table control. In the meantime I have a work around you might be able to use.

    If you set the visibility of the Table control to “editable”, “required” or “read only”, this will ensure that it is visible when the Modal Section opens.

    -Erick Q

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