• October 8, 2015 at 9:36 am #802

    I would say the main pain point we have with the Out-Of-The-Box coach views, is, for example, if a value changes, how do we trigger a boundary event? None of the  Out-Of-The-Box coach views besides button have the ability to fire a boundary event. So we have been using a Kolban control called “Data Change Boundary Trigger” which is bound to any variable. If the variable changes, a boundary event is fired. But Kolban’s control sometimes false fires. So we are looking for an easy solution to this problem. I’ve noticed that none of your controls can fire a boundary event on change. Have to use something called “Navigation Event” which you call to fire through javascript function call. Just wanted to confirm why you went this approach vs. having every control having the ability to fire on change.

    SPARK Support
    October 8, 2015 at 12:51 pm #816

    The “On Boundary Event” event is a bit of a misnomer I’m afraid. Certain SPARK controls (like buttons, icons, navigation event, etc…) trigger boundary events that cause navigation in the service diagram. Any number of things can be modeled in the service diagram when a boundary event is fired (e.g. call 1 Server Script, 1 Web Service, 1 General System Service, strung together and ending in a Stay-on-Page event. “On Boundary Event” exists for navigations that end in a Stay On Page event. Due to the asynchronous nature of boundary events, one cannot predict when the Stay On Page event may be reached. The “On Boundary Event” exists for this purpose. It is fired asynchronously and only when the “Stay on Page” event has been reached.

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