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    Is it supported to use the spark widgets along with OOTB widgets? I used the spark Progress bar inside OOTB “split pane section” from Dashboard toolkit and it didn’t render. It worked only after i moved the progress bar outside the OOTB section widget. Same behavior when i used the  “split pane section” within TAB section.

    SPARK Support
    October 8, 2015 at 12:43 pm #811

    Yes, SPARK UI toolkit controls display properly with other controls (e.g. basic Coach NG controls). The only issue that might arise is inherent to CSS where same-named styles are overridden by other stylesheets. But the CSS class naming used in SPARK is not known to conflict with OOTB Coach NG controls. The ability to mix SPARK controls with Coach Views from other toolkits should be easily demo-able. And if exceptional issues are observed, they should be easily be diagnosed.

    October 9, 2015 at 12:08 pm #833


    My suspicion is that maybe you had the wrong address for the progress bar.  When I first tried what you indicated I got no rendering, but looking at the console I saw that I was getting an error addressing the Progress Bar control.   My sample had a Split Pane Sections control (Split_Pane_Sections1) which contained 2 Progress bars, (“Progress_Bar1”, “Progress_Bar2”).  These progress bars were being updated with Timer1 and Timer2.  I found that the addresses of these 2 progress bars were “Split_Pane_Sections1[0].Progress_Bar1” and “Split_Pane_Sections1[1].Progress_Bar2”

    If I put the following into a script block inside a Custom HTML control:

    function pb1Setter()
    var pb1 = page.ui.get(“Split_Pane_Sections1[0]/Progress_Bar1”);
    pb1.setProgress(Math.random() * 100)

    function pb2Setter()
    var pb2 = page.ui.get(“Split_Pane_Sections1[0]/Progress_Bar2”);
    pb2.setProgress(Math.random() *150)

    And I have my Timers run the appropriate functions in their “On Timeout” events, my progress bars update fine.

    This MAY be an addressing bug, but I am not sure.


    Hope this helps.



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