• Josh
    December 1, 2016 at 9:39 am #3206


    I have noticed that the Primary color option for tables seems to be off for some table types. I was wondering if this was intended or if this is a bug. Some tables show a dark blue color and that’s it, while others show both the normal primary color and then the darker blue color . It seems to be the table headers may be what’s making it dark, but I am not entirely sure.

    Pictures below to show what I am talking about- let me know if you need more!

    Spark Version: 4.4.5 EE

    SPARK Support
    December 1, 2016 at 3:08 pm #3214

    Hi Josh,

    Yes, the table header is set to be a darker color of the primary color.  This is especially helpful if you set the table within something like a Well with the same color.  You can modify the color, and the darker color inside the Theme settings.

    On the Process App Settings page, expand Coach Designer Settings and click on SPARK UI Theme.

    Notice that the dynamic theme element @bpm-color-primary-darker is set to desaturate(darken(@bpm-color-primary, 6%), 19%).

    If you wish to modify these colors, click New next to the Theme name, and you can create a new theme by copying the SPARK UI Theme.  At this point, you could set the @bpm-color-primary-darker to the same #1f89cd hexadecimal color value as the @bpm-color-primary, or even copy “@bpm-color-primary” into the field to set them equal.


    Stephen P.

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