• Ramesh Sahu
    September 10, 2018 at 12:19 pm #5270

    We are on latest version of BPMv8.6 . In a custom coachview , we have used two “Radio Button” both having same groupName and On selected event on both the radio button, is bound to a custom function defined in our custom coachview. The Radio buttons are bound to the same business object.

    Our usecase is – whenever one of the radio button is clicked , we need to call our custom function and perform some business logic and the function call works perfectly whenever we click one of the radio button(in the group).

    Problem arises whenever we make a boundary event that calls a server side service and after coming out of the service back to the coach, it seems like the custom function is getting called even though we did not make any change to the bound business object or did not click the radio button. Untimely execution of this function is causing further issues in our UI.

    Need help to troubleshoot this and possibly work around this.

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