• Cindy Chastang
    May 26, 2016 at 11:21 am #1924

    This is a little hard to describe but I’ll give it a shot and hopefully you can help.

    I have a BO that is a list of complex objects.  Within the complex object is a list of names.

    project which is a list of ProjectData

    ProjectData has name (String), description(String), manager (list of Person)

    Person has fullName(String), phoneNumber(String), etc…

    I display the project in a table and have a button that launches a modal section where the user fills in the data.  When they click OK on the modal it adds the data to the project list and it should all display in the table.  In the table are columns for project.name, project.description, project.manager.fullName

    I have the manager names laid out in the table column as output text inside a vertical section.  I have also tried it by putting a table inside the table.  Both options behaved the same way.  I just like the way the vertical section / output text combo looks better.

    Works perfectly for the first project added.   When I add a 2nd project and click OK everything appears in the table on the main coach except for the list of manger names.  It doesn’t matter if there is one or multiple names in the list.    But, if I save/close the main coach and reopen it the names will be there.

    It looks like the data is all updating properly – just not displaying properly in the main table on the coach.

    I have also noticed that when I have a list of projects and start deleting them (the table is configured to show the deletion button) the project deletes just fine.   But the manager names will disappear from the last row in the table.  Then for each row I delete another row at the end of the table has the manager names disappear.   Doing a save/close and reopen will show all the names – so the data is fine it’s just not displaying.



    SPARK Support
    May 26, 2016 at 12:09 pm #1926

    Hey Cindy,

    I have experienced this behavior before with the Table. Have you tried using refresh(false) method on the table after the data has been changed?


    Elliot P.

    Cindy Chastang
    June 2, 2016 at 11:09 am #2014

    It took me a couple of days to get back to this.  I just tried adding table.refresh(false)  after I updated the data  and it still behaved the same way.    Just to see if it made any difference I tried adding it before – and no difference there either.

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