Class: ECMDocumentList


The ECM Document List control displays (in tabular form) files in a configured ECM content store. It provides under one control the ability to upload, delete, and change the properties of documents. It also allows users to view revisions associated with a file. This control aggregates ECM File List, ECM File Properties, ECM File Revisions, and ECM File Uploader controls as a simpler-to-use but less customizable alternative to the modular controls it contains. An ECMDocumentList control provides the following configuration properties in Process Designer:

Content Management

Allow Create: If enabled, allows file creation. boolean
Allow Updates: Boolean indicator of whether files in the list can be updated boolean
Allow Document Deletions: If disabled, files cannot be deleted through this control. boolean
Allow Revisions Display: Boolean indicator of whether files in the list have their versions displayed boolean
Confirm On Deletion: Enable to bring up a confirmation dialog before deleting files boolean
Max Results: Max number of files to display integer
Filter: Properties to filter files on. These properties are assigned at upload (if they've been assigned) NameValuePair[]
CMIS Query Filter: A string of text containing the Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) query. string

Content Management Advanced

ECM Server Configuration Name: ECM Server to be used. Default is the Embedded ECM Server. string
Document Object Type Id: Specify the documentObjectType for the documents. This MUST be defined in your ECM Server. Default is "cmis:document". string
Folder Path: Default is the root folder string


Show Footer: Show the table footer boolean
Show Table Stats: Show table statistics (e.g. "Showing 1 to 5 of 59 entries") boolean
Max File Size (MB): Maximum allowed file size for uploads decimal
Show Pager: Visibility of the pager boolean
Initial Page Size: Initial maximum number of entries to be shown per page integer
Default document properties: When users create an ECM document, the list contains the default values for the document properties. The values might be read-only or hidden from users when they create the document. ECMDefaultProperty[]
File Types Allowed: Pick a valid file type from the dropdown, or specify custom to specify your own file type. When empty all file types are valid. FileType[]


Table Style: Style of the table
{Default | Elegant | Bordered | Striped | Hover Row | Condensed}
Color Style: Color style for table display
{None | Light | Primary | Info | Success | Warning | Danger}

Columns: Columns to display in list ECMFileListColumn[]
Label string
{Doc Name (Clickable) | Version Label | Last Modified By | Last Modified Date | Created By | Created Date | MIME Type | Size Length}
Sortable boolean
Width string
Options string
Css string

new ECMDocumentList()

This constructor is never used explicitly.





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