Tutorial: Configuring Environment Variables

Configuring Environment Variables

SPARK External Participant Toolkit - Environment Variables
The SPARK External Participant toolkit requires several environemnt variables to be configured in order to work properly. Set these under the Environment tab of your Process App Settings.
  • bpmServerHostName: The host name of the bpm server that the app uses
  • bpmServerPort: The port used for accessing tasks and services on your bpm server
  • bpmServerProtocolScheme: The server protocol (e.g., http, https)
  • epsAppContextRoot: Web Application context root. The default context root is "bpm-eps"
  • epsAutoUserPrefix: The prefix to use for randomly generated user ids. e.g., a prefix of EXT would result in user ids in the form EXT123456789
  • epsDefaulServiceNotificationSubject: Default subject line for notifications regarding services
  • epsDefaultTaskNotificationSubject: Default subject line for task notifications
  • epsDefaultValidDuration: Default timeout period for an external user to use a service or complete a task, in seconds (e.g., to set the default validity period to 1 week, set this to 604800)
  • epsNotifierEmailAddress: Email address notifications should be sent from
  • epsServiceReqMax: Default maximum number of times a service may be accessed through a single link
  • epsSMTPServerHost: SMTP server host name