Tutorial: Installation


SPARK External Participant Toolkit - Environment Variables
In order to install the SPARK External Participant toolkit, there are several installation and configuration instructions you must follow after importing the toolkit. These include running the included deployment service, installing the External Participant Web App on your WAS instance, and installation of a special Trust Association Interceptor.

Deployment Service

After importing SPARK External Participant, you will need to run the deployment service. This can be found under the Setup heading in the toolkit, and needs only to be run from Process Designer, using an account that has database access.

The deployment service will create a new table in your database called BPMEXT_EPREQ, which stores the temporary login information for your external participants (including randomly generated user names and passwords). There will be no need for external participants to know any of the information contained in this table.

Web App

To install the Web App, you will need access to the WAS Admin Console.
  1. In the WAS Admin Console, under "Applications > Application Types", click on "WebSphere enterprise applicaitons". In the pane that appears, click install
  2. In the pane that appears, browse to your copy of "SPARK External Participant Support App.ear". Select the file and click Open, then click Next
  3. In the next screen, select the "Fast Path" option. Then click Next
  4. Click next through the next few screens. When you reach the page with a button that says Finish, click to finish, and then on the next page click "Save directly to the master configuration"
  5. Under the "Enterprise Applications" screen, select the check mark next to "SPARK External Participant Support App", then click Start, at the top of the table
After completing these steps, the External Participant WebApp will be installed and running.

Trust Association Interface (TAI)

In order to install the Trust Association Interface (TAI), you will need access to the WAS Admin Console.
  1. Copy spark-eps-tai.jar to <BPM install dir>/lib/ext
  2. In the WAS Admin Console, click on Global Security (under Security). In the Global Security Pane, expand the section labeled "Web and SIP Security", click on "Trust Association"
  3. Make sure Enable trust association is checked. Then click on "Interceptors" under "Additional Properties"
  4. Click on "New", and name the new interceptor class "com.sp.bpm.eps.tai.ExternalParticipantSupportTAI". Then click OK
  5. Save your settings, then restart your server
After the server has successfully restarted, the TAI will be installed. You should now set the relevant environment variables as detailed in the Environment Variables tutorial, if you haven't already.